Residents Action on Fylde Fracking

Empty words from Secretary of State Greg Clark & more broken promises from Government

This week the Government announced that the Secretary of State is to call in the fracking decision in Lancashire. This means that the democratic decisions made by Lancashire County Council will be overruled and the Government will, more than likely, gets its way to “go all out for shale”. The Government simply changed the rules back in August to suit themselves, their donors – ie, the big energy companies, their cronies with vested interests, such as Lord Howell, and their climate change deniers such as Lord Lawson.

The Secretary of State for the Department for Communities and Local Government Greg Clark, ie, the chap who will be making the decision, told councils in July that they are on the brink of a once in lifetime opportunity to be masters of their own destiny.

Speaking at the Local Government Association annual conference in Harrogate, Mr Clark called on all cities, towns and counties to be ambitious in their proposals to take power and resources away from Whitehall.

He paid tribute to the recent efforts by councils to create growth and deliver better services that local people want and declared the days when Whitehall dictates what is best as over.

The Secretary of State said:

“I want every place in the country to consider how they can assert their strengths and make their mark.

“We must be a nation of muscular communities – north and south, town and country.

“The government’s Cities and Local Government Devolution Bill is paving the way to sweep a myriad of powers from ministers to town halls.

Mr Clark said:

“This is the chance of a lifetime to direct the future economic prosperity and social flourishing of your area. To make life better for even more people than you can now.”

He added:

“Those who are prepared to organise to be more effective and more efficient should be able to reap substantially the rewards of that boldness, whether in costs saved, additional revenues generated, or powers that can be vested.

“I have no doubt about the ability of the people in this hall. Take power now. Don’t let yourself, any longer, be ruled by someone else.”

Empty words that actually mean we will do the opposite if you democratically decide something that we do not agree with.

Short-term actions following news that Secretary of State is to call in fracking decisions

As the dust settles and we determine the best strategies for dealing with yesterday’s news (26:11:15) that the Secretary of State is to call in the fracking decision in Lancashire, there are two or three actions you can take. We will add more over the coming days.

*  Write to Fylde MP Mark Menzies – see the post below or click here

*  Greenpeace petition: Greenpeace says, “As the man in charge of local democracy, in the past Greg Clark has called on council leaders to “take power” back from central government. It would be really embarrassing for him to ignore his own advice. So let’s show him that thousands of us are watching, and that we won’t let him get away with it if he now overrules the council”:

*  Friends of the Earth petition: FoE says, “Don’t let David Cameron overturn Lancashire’s fracking win.We mustn’t let David Cameron bulldoze through his plans for fracking. It would be a disaster for the environment and completely undermine local democracy.


Thank you.


Fylde MP Mark Menzies – so much for localism

Ever since Cuadrilla announced that they were to appeal against Lancashire County Council’s decision not to allow fracking at the Rosacre and Preston New Road sites, Fylde MP Mark Menzies has made much of his support for localism. Just this week a RAFF member received a letter stating:

As someone who believes strongly in localism, I am also pleased that the government has confirmed its commitment to ensure that that the planning process is respected and that local councils must be allowed to consider applications in the usual way. I believe that it is imperative that decisions on site location should be made by local people.”

Back in June he said:

Embedded image permalink


Today though – with his future in the Conservative party obviously at the forefront of his mind, he is quoted in the Lancashire Evening Post as saying:

While I am sure there will be claims that this is some kind of Government conspiracy, it is actually more democratic in that the decision will be taken by an elected representative of the UK Government, rather than an unelected civil servant with no democratic oversight.”

More democratic! Instead of an independent arbitrator overlooking the appeal process, we are going to have Greg Clark,  a Tory Secretary of State, decide our future. What’s more, he’s the MP for Tunbridge Wells, in Kent where you can bet your bottom dollar no one will be fracking at the bottom of his garden.

The plentiful comments about Menzies on social media are not flattering, with posters using words such as “shameful”, “piteous” hypocrisy”, etc. Refraction likens him to the dog in the His Masters Voice ad (see below).

Time to get writing to him. You can contact him at

Phone: 01253 739848 or 0207 219 7073


Or via his website



Mark Menzies

BREAKING NEWS: Secretary of State to call in fracking decision in Lancashire

We have just been alerted (26/11/15 at 18.00) by Roseacre Awareness Group (RAG) that the Secretary of State is to call in the fracking decision in Lancashire. The Planning Inspector will produce a report but the decision will be made at Westminster. The reasons given for this direction is because the drilling appeals (3134385 and 3134386) involve proposals for exploring and developing shale gas which amount to proposals for development of major importance having more than local significance and proposals which raise important or novel issues of development control, and/or legal difficulties. More details will be made available later.

The procedure behind the ‘call in’ process is explained here.

Over 300 Lancashire Businesses Reject Fracking for Shale Gas

This list of Businesses who oppose fracking for shale and other forms of unconventional gas exploration and production continues to grow.

All of these businesses are located in Lancashire, and the team from Frack Free Lancashire continually assess and update the list, wherever possible by a personal visit, and we will periodically publish an up-dated list.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the businesses that has shown their support.

Name Area
Accrington Baby Centre Accrington
Accrington Carpet & Bed Accrington
Anita’s Furnishing Accrington
Anne Whittaker Bridal Wear Accrington
Astons Optique Accrington
AZ Car Care Accrington
Bargain Booze Accrington
Baxendale Ironing Accrington
Glory Hole Accrington
One Planet Accrington
Safari Tanning Accrington
Vogue Hair Design Accrington
Dean Anthony Hairdresser Accrington
Westgarth News Blackpool
Queen Bees Butty Bar Blackpool
Air Navigation and Training Company Limited Blackpool
Wags Dog Salon Newton with Scales, Preston
Architectural design services Weeton, Preston
Ma Bakers Westby
Maple Farm Nursery Gardens Westby
Edges to Edges (formerly Bella Anika) Blackpool
Oddbods Barbers Blackpool
Forties to Noughties Blackpool
Mace Minimart Blackpool
Jan West Milk Deliveries Blackpool
The North Shore Care Home Blackpool
Thorncliffe Hotel Blackpool
Fylde Electrical Wholesale Ltd. Blackpool
North West Tree Services Blackpool
Heatherley Nursery Blackpool
Knights K9 Care Blackpool
Plenco Stables Blackpool
Dawn Ansell Child Minding Blackpool
Blackpool Community Fundraising Shop Blackpool
The Plough Public House Blackpool
Emma Bird Driving Instructor Blackpool
Thornfield Holiday Camp Blackpool
Pipers Heights Caravan Site Blackpool
Clifton Heights Caravan Site Blackpool
Pedalabale Edibles Blackpool
East Lancashire Clarion Choir Burnley
Burnley Homebrew Burnley
Smartee Babez Burnley
Kendalls Sandwich Bar Padiham, Burnley
Antonias Padiham, Burnley
A A Hosiery Padiham, Burnley
J-Lo’s Hair, Beauty & Nails Padiham, Burnley
Conlan’s Butcher’s Padiham, Burnley
Art and Soul Gallery Padiham, Burnley
Padiham Angling Centre Padiham, Burnley
Trawden Pottery Trawden, Pendle
About Coffee Colne
Ditsy Bride Colne
Red Lion Hotel Colne
Taylormade Sandwich Bar Colne
Crown and Green Line Taxis Colne
Sun Station Tanning Studio Colne
The Green Chimney Colne
12 Bar (was Pendle Sandwich Bar) Colne
Pendle Chiropody Clinic Colne
Pendle Belles Colne
Dressing Room Colne
Emma Hartley Bridalwear Colne
Manor Property Management Colne
Jack’s Café Nelson
Premier Travel Nelson
Relish Sandwiches Nelson
The Studio Coffee Shop Rawtenstall
Bolthole Gifts Rawtenstall
Tony’s Fish and Chips Rawtenstall
Mooreys Rawtenstall
Horse and Bamboo Theatre Rawtenstall
Robinson Poly Tunnels Nelson
Little Voices Blackburn
Cleaning Services Chorley
Mugs with Attitude Barnoldswick
Malcolm’s Musicland Chorley
Buggy Brilliant Chorley
Town Cafe Chorley
Anise Chorley
Uncle’s Pawnbrokers Chorley
S Yarrow Building Contractors Chorley
D Yarrow Property & Build’   Services Chorley
The Snip (Hairdressers) Fleetwood
Market Health Fleetwood
Fleetwood Market Perfume Fleetwood
R Williams Fleetwood
Toys Stall Fleetwood
Mary, Tom & Friends Fleetwood
A Robinson Jigsaws Fleetwood Fleetwood
Militaria Stall Fleetwood
Mavis’ Cards Fleetwood
Herbal Health Fleetwood
Snip (Hairdressers) Fleetwood
Home bakery Fleetwood
Clothing Repairs & Alterations Fleetwood
Capricorn Café Fleetwood
Temple Beauty Clinic Great Eccleston
T. Holden Ltd Inskip
Crossmoor Honey Farm Inskip
Its All About Food Inskip
E S Williams Contractors Ltd Inskip
Jay Cee Store Inskip
The Gift Shop Inskip
Great Eccleston Dental Surgery Inskip
DR Tree Surgeons Inskip
Jim Bob’s Agricultural Services Inskip
Pink Tree Parties Kirkham
Simply Natural Kirkham
The Vine Kirkham
The Village Barber Kirkham
Caravan Repair Services Ltd Kirkham
Newton Motors Kirkham
A Wilkinsons Kirkham
The Nile Takeaway Kirkham
Kirkham Plumbing and Heating Kirkham
Wyre Farm Meats Kirkham
Silver Dell of Kirkham Kirkham
Celebrations Kirkham
ICON Kirkham
Lancashire Computer Services Kirkham
Grundy’s The Ironmongers Kirkham
Kirkham Pet Centre Kirkham
Candie Bar Kirkham
The Beauty Box was Drenched) Kirkham
Raymond K Boyes Kirkham
Trendies Hair Fashions Kirkham
Eyedeal Ophthalmic Opticians Kirkham
Preslec Kirkham
DCB Computing Services Kirkham
Serendipity House Kirkham
Pretty Woman Kirkham
Black Horse Hotel Kirkham
e-Logic Computer Services Freckleton
The Manse Nursing Home Kirkham
Economeyes T/a Thompsons Opticians Kirkham
Buraq Indian Cuisine Kirkham
Lush Lancaster
Bibbi’s Lancaster
The Runners Centre Lancaster
Atticus Books Lancaster
Ahoy Lancaster Lancaster
Single Step Co-operative Ltd Lancaster
Radical Resourcing Ltd Lancaster
Green Elephant Cooperative Ltd Lancaster
J Atkinson @ Co Ltd. Tea and Coffee Merchants Lancaster
Roots Café Lancaster
Bewitched Parties Leyland
Leyland Home Brewers Ltd Leyland
Art and Soul Tattoo Studio Leyland
Leyland Leader Leyland
Mattefinish Photography Leyland
MTJ Properties Leyland
MTJ Associates Ltd Leyland
Gold Line Tours Longridge
Advanced Print Solutions Longridge
Ancient Mariner Furniture Longridge
Bee Mill Garage Longridge
Bee Mill Laundry Longridge
Brabins Shop Longridge
Chipping Farm Shop Longridge
Dale Hey Touring Park Longridge
Health Rack Ltd Longridge
Leagram Organic Dairy Longridge
Little Town Farm Shop Longridge
Millie’s Restaurant Longridge
Potter’s Barn Longridge
Procters Cheese Ltd Longridge
Raw Furniture Longridge
Recycle Works Ltd Longridge
Tillotsons Arms Longridge
Waller Clough Farm Longridge
Workhouse Marketing Longridge
Goosnargh Golf Longridge
Carr Side Equestrian Longridge
Barnsfold Trout Fishery Longridge
Cobble Hey Farm, Longridge
Breaden Pony Trek’ Centre Longridge
Dairy Barn Farm Longridge
Fell View Projects Longridge
J Pye Planning Longridge
H & M Pye & Sons Longridge
Ad Astra Guesthouse Lytham St Annes
Attire of Lytham Lytham St Annes
Babycham Lytham St Annes
Cherry Pie Lytham St Annes
County Hotel Lytham St Annes
George Brown Energy Centre Lytham St Annes
Heart of the Home Lytham St Annes
Hidden Jem Lytham St Annes
La Borsa Lytham St Annes
Laserscan Lytham St Annes
Lowther Gardens café Lytham St Annes
Lytham Pies Lytham St Annes
Lytham Posy Bowl Lytham St Annes
Plackitt & Booth (Booksellers) Lytham St Annes
Ship & Royal Lytham St Annes
St Annes Dog Minders Lytham St Annes
Sweetie Shoppe Lytham St Annes
Tasty Cheese Lytham St Annes
The DVD Studio Lytham St Annes
The Monarch Hotel Lytham St Annes
The Planning Factory Lytham St Annes
Timeless Jewellery Lytham St Annes
Timothy’s Watches Lytham St Annes
Tom Clerkin Fencing Lytham St Annes
Art House Tattoo Ormskirk
Source Deli Ormskirk
Organic Veg Club Ormskirk
Wheatsheaf Health Foods & Homebrew Ormskirk
Barn Owl Produce Ormskirk
English-German Ormskirk
Artists UK Ormskirk
Manic Organic Farm Shop Ormskirk
Claire Winteringham Watercolours Ormskirk
MAP Ormskirk
Ayur Veda Health Centre Ormskirk
Bull and Dog Garage Ormskirk
Martin Illingworth Furniture Ormskirk
The Agency of The Future Ormskirk
Mabel Schenone Translation Services Ormskirk
Transidh Ltd Ormskirk
Living Ayeurveda Ormskirk
Peter Brown Computing Ormskirk
Paul Stanley Software Ormskirk
DKL Software Ltd Ormskirk
Garden Magic Ormskirk
D Brock Gardening and Landscape Ormskirk
Zara Trading Ormskirk
Alta Software Ormskirk
Do The Lot Ormskirk
Micheal Brancker Tree Surgeon Ormskirk
Your Lets Ormskirk
Maureen Golding Consultancy Ltd   Marine Consultancy Ormskirk
The V.P. Lounge Ormskirk
Healing and Stillness Ormskirk
The Learning Consultancy Ormskirk
Brotheridge Chandeliers Ormskirk
Tinderbox Poulton Le Fylde
Halo Coffee House Poulton-le-Fylde
Gabriel’s House Poulton-le-Fylde
The New Penny Grill Poulton-le-Fylde
Golden Ball Hotel Poulton-le-Fylde
Glasform Poulton-le-Fylde
Old Town Hall Poulton-le-Fylde
Furniture Solution Poulton-le-Fylde
Natural Choice Poulton-le-Fylde
Lady Retro Poulton-le-Fylde
Victorian Arts and Crafts Poulton-le-Fylde
Connect IT Ltd Poulton-le-Fylde
Royle Estate Agents Poulton-le-Fylde
Flower Barrow Poulton-le-Fylde
Breck News Poulton-le-Fylde
The Bridal Lounge Poulton-le-Fylde
Salt of the Earth Poulton-le-Fylde
De Mendo Poulton-le-Fylde
Card Emporium Poulton-le-Fylde
Homecare Walkabout Poulton-le-Fylde
T S J Newsagents Poulton-le-Fylde
Jim Clancy & Sons Poulton-le-Fylde
J D Lanscapes Poulton-le-Fylde
Bookidz Poulton le Fylde
Ayda Boutique Preston
Beautiful Planet café Preston
Beck’s E-Cig Preston
Boon Velop, Graphic Designer Preston
C.E Burke & Sons Preston
Cannon Street Hair Studio Preston
Coco Boo Preston
Coo Pon Ltd Preston
Edges T/A Cheapasmokes) Preston
European Fine Arts and Antiques Preston
Falafel Express Preston
H Conway and Sons Preston
Health Rack Preston
Ink Plus Preston
Jason Stocks Barbers Preston
K and H Balls Preston
Karen Norris Hairdresser Preston
Kingswood Sales and Letttings Preston
Livesey’s Butchers Preston
Lush Preston
Mace Express Preston
Mooreys Health Store Preston
Mystery Tea House Preston
No Frills Wellbeing Preston
PR1 Media Productions Preston
Sophie’s Choice Preston
Stitch in Time Preston
Swarn Singh Preston
The Chaddock Bed and Breakfast Preston
The Stables Management Co. Ltd Preston
Top Café Preston
Totem Whispers Trading Post Preston
Entwistle Guns Preston
Fanak’is Coffee Shop Preston
Aphrodite Health Store Preston
Green Technologies & Solutions Ltd Preston
Messrs R Moore, farmers Woodplumton
Bone Building Services Woodplumpton
Varleys Insulation Woodplumpton
Car Care Garstang Garstang
Artroom Gallery Garstang
Sweets Garstang

Cuadrilla withdraw – congratulations to REAF!

Congratulations to REAF (Ribble Estuary Against Fracking) for their huge success in seeing off Cuadrilla from the Becconsall site. One of the longest running anti-fracking groups in the UK, REAF has dedicated five years to representing their community with dignity and determination. REAF’s press release below catalogues Cuadrilla’s failings and arrogance in dealing with the planning process.

This is a great victory for the UK anti-fracking movement and we should all take strength from it.


REAF Press Release

It comes as no surprise to members of REAF, Ribble Estuary Against Fracking, that exploratory drilling company Cuadrilla are to abandon the Becconsall site and remove over 150 monitoring stations in the local area. Their failure to comply with time frames and mitigation measures imposed on them by Lancashire County Council  has shown their disregard for the planning process and has left locals with many unanswered questions.

The first application to drill at the site in 2010 slipped through quietly without the need for a committee decision by LCC. Alarm bells soon rang as the  0.99 Hectare site avoided the 1 hectare rule for which an Environmental Impact Assessment would have been compulsory.

A time extension and fracking application at the Becconsall site followed in 2012 by which time Cuadrilla had been found responsible for causing 50 seismic events through fracking at their Preese Hall Site near Blackpool.

The River Ribble Estuary is designated as a RAMSAR wetland site of international importance as it is home to tens of thousands of European protected geese and swans who spend the winter feeding on the mudflats of the Estuary and in the surrounding fields.

Situated only 700 metres from the Estuary and within a Biological Heritage Site, the Becconsall well posed a threat to the ongoing success of some of our most important wetland migratory species. Concerns were raised by Natural England, Friends of the Earth, Lancs County Council Ecologist  and a REAF-commissioned ecology consultant who conducted an extended phase 1 habitat survey.

Referencing reports on the failings at Preese Hall and peer reviewed scientific data on the effects of fracking to human health and the environment REAF raised objections to the development of the Becconsall Site.

Lancs County Council Development Control Committee gave permission for REAF to present their findings. Immediately after the presentation by REAF members, the applicant withdrew an application which involved hydraulic fracturing of the well. A subsequent application to perforate the well and monitor was passed but the applicant failed to meet conditions and now intends to restore the site next spring back to prime agricultural land.

REAF would like to thank all those who have supported us as we continue our work with other communities faced with the dangers of unconventional onshore oil and gas extraction.

Business leaders opposed to fracking wrongly included as signatories on pro-fracking letter

Frack Free Lancashire Press Release: for immediate release, Monday 16th November 2015

Business leaders opposed to fracking wrongly included as signatories in pro-fracking letter

Community groups and businesses in Lancashire have been left shocked following the discovery that at least 15 of the “Lancashire business leaders” listed as signatories to a pro-fracking letter organized by the North West Energy Task Force (NWETF) did not agree to add their support. (1). The ‘pro-fracking’ business letter of over 100 business leaders to Lancashire County Council earlier this year includes businesses who were never asked if their details could be added, and others who are anti-fracking.

Frack Free Lancashire uncovered the inconsistencies by conducting a telephone survey of a third of a businesses on the list, the full results of which can be seen below. (2) In addition, three business have two signatories each on the list and people representing the North West Energy Task Force are listed four separate times.

It follows revelations earlier this year that less than half of the North West Energy Task Force list of businesses who support fracking are based in Lancashire (3) including businesses outside of Lancashire – and some as far as Scotland – who are also signatories to this letter.

Gail Hodson of Frack Free Lancashire, who discovered the errors, said:

“Given the widespread anti-fracking sentiment in the community alarm bells rang when we saw this list. We easily found out that many had not agreed to be on this list – or had never heard of it. Perhaps most interestingly, others, still, were actually against fracking.”

Frack free Lancashire contacted the following people, who responded:

  • Kaz Bhai from Shipping and Trading Co Manchester, said:  “I do not support fracking, I don’t know why I am on the NWETF list of business’s supporting fracking and I would like to be removed from the list.”
  • Benjamin Riley the Director at Thermal Hire Ltd in Wigan said: “North West Energy Task Force have rung me and I told them I do not want to be on their list”
  • Irene Campbell a consultant at Capita Group which was one of the signatories on the NWETF list on behalf of a gentleman called Steve Thompsett responded with an official statement from Capita which stated: “Capita Group have confirmed that even while employed by Capita, Steve Thompsett was not an authorised ‘spokesperson or representative’ for Capita and any views they have expressed are personal and in no way representative of Capita.”

Responding to the highly dubious NWETF business list Furqan Naeem, North West Campaigner for Friends of the Earth said:

“It is shocking that the North West Energy Task Force, funded by Cuadrilla, has claimed to have the support of businesses for fracking without their consent, and has tried to use this to influence the council.

“At best this is incompetence. North West Energy Task force should immediately correct their claims about local businesses who support fracking and ensure the accuracy of future statements.

“It is no surprise that many Lancashire businesses oppose fracking, which even the Government’s own draft report found could impact negatively on industries that are important to Lancashire, like farming and tourism. “

Lancashire County Council rejected Cuadrilla’s application to fracking Little Plumpton and Roseacre in June this year (5).

Cuadrilla have appealed to the Planning Inspectorate in a bid to get the decision to refuse permission overturned. A public inquiry began and there will be hearings in February next year.



  2. Members of Frack Free Lancashire called 40 of the businesses out of the list of 119, and found:
  • 16 businesses that wish to be removed from the letter, including:

o   9 businesses that do not support fracking

o   3 businesses that were not aware they were on the letter

o   1 business that has signed a letter of over 300 businesses opposing fracking

o   2 that were neutral on the issue

o   1 business owner who supports fracking personally but does not want his business to be included on the letter

  • 11 businesses that are supportive of fracking
  • 13 businesses that were un-contactable after 3 attempts, including 2 with out of use numbers
  1. Research by Greenpeace earlier this year found that more than half of businesses that support the North West Energy task force are based outside of Lancashire


Further information:

Gail Hodson, Frack Free Lancashire:  07533523236

Furqan Naeem, Friends of the Earth:  07742507266

Next steps on the Cuadrilla appeal for those who objected to the application

Lots of folk have contacted us about the letters they have received from Lancashire County Council re Cuadrilla’s appeals against the Council’s decision to refuse planning permission at Roseacre Wood and Preston New Road (Little Plumpton). They are also appealing against the conditions set on the monitoring array that was approved. It has been a confusing situation as the first set of letters sent out by LCC contained the wrong reference numbers and a replacement set had to be posted out, with an extended date of 23 November for any new objections.

The Planning Inspectorate is  accepting representations about this and will consider them but only if this is new information. If you have already signed a petition or sent in an objection THANK YOU. Your protest will have been logged. If you have any new evidence that you would like to send you can do so via the Planning Inspectorate ‘Appeals Casework Portal’, also known as PINS, using the following links:
Roseacre Wood
Preston New Road

All you do is click on the ‘Make Representation’ button, click the ‘Save and Continue’ button and select ‘Interested Party or Person’ and follow from there. Alternatively, please email your new information to the case Officer Leanne Palmer or provide three printed copies by post to: Leanne Palmer,  The Planning Inspectorate. Room  3/26, Temple Quay House,  2 The Square, Bristol,  BS1 6PN.

It is further complicated as all the relevant planning documents are held on Lancashire County Council’s Planning portal (not on PINS) and are extremely hard to find among 400+ other documents. They are actually held under the section ‘Appeals Documents Appellant’. You have to page through, but the key documents are the Statement of Case (SoC). This is where Cuadrilla state their case for the appeal. There is also the Statement of Common Ground. This is what is agreed between Lancashire council and Cuadrilla as issues which aren’t disputed. Unsurprisingly, Cuadrilla claim the traffic, landscape and noise grounds for refusal are not sound and can be mitigated.

The links to the actual planning application documents are:

Roseacre Wood – click the ‘Attachments’ tab, go to page 12 for the SoC and SoCG

Preston New Road – click the ‘Attachments’ tab, go to page 10 for the SoC and SoCG

If you received two sets of letters and are confused as to which are the correct reference numbers, the correct ones are listed below:

  • LCC/2014/0096 Cuadrilla Bowland Preston New Road Exploratory Works APP/Q2371/W/15/3134386
  • LCC/2014/0097 Cuadrilla Bowland Preston New Road Monitoring Works APP/Q2371/W/15/3130923
  • LCC/2014/0101 Cuadrilla Elswick Roseacre Wood Exploratory Works APP/Q2371/W/15/3134385
  • LCC/2014/0102 Cuadrilla Elswick Roseacre Wood Monitoring Works APP/Q2371/W/15/3130924

Please remember to only submit new information. We do not want to bombard the planning officers with old research that was submitted prior to the hearings.

Parliament Deliberately Misled by Energy Secretary Amanda Rudd

The Ecologist is reporting on a leaked letter it has seen by Energy Secretary Amber Rudd, which shows that she deliberately misled Parliament by promising the UK was ‘on course’ to deliver on its renewable energy targets – when in fact there is a delivery shortfall in 2020 of almost 25%. The Ecologists says the letter stands in stark contrast to her public position, including a statement to Parliament on 22nd June in which she said: “We are on course to achieve this objective. Renewables already make up almost 20% of our electricity generation and there is a strong pipeline to deliver the rest.”

The Ecologist warns, “failure puts the UK at a double risk – of legal action taken in the UK, which the government would probably lose; and of enormous fines imposed by the European Court of Justice.” Rudd’s suggestions that

This is a deliberate attempt by a Tory minister to mislead Parliament and the general public. It’s particularly deplorable given the government’s strategy for cutting  green energy subsidies, while at the same time, promoting those for shale gas.

Dale Vince, Founder of Ecotricity, speaking on the Blue & Green Tomorrow blog, said, “One option Rudd discusses is to pay other countries to build renewables for us, but there’s no indication at all that this would be cheaper than supporting them in the UK, which has Europe’s best and most economic wind resource. And given the reason for Rudd’s cuts to renewable energy support was cost, you’d think that cost ought to be a prominent feature of any discussion. Not only would paying other countries to build renewables for us cost more, but we’d also be exporting jobs and industry… it all seems a little un-thought through.

“Rudd acknowledges the need to meet the target and that we will fail. This has clearly been caused by the recent cuts, which are driven by the false claim that we can’t afford more renewables – the cheapest energy available to us.”

Will there be a full Parliamentary investigation? We can only hope but we won’t hold our breath. It may be worth contacting your MP that s/he demand one.

Ecotricity      Britain's leading green energy supplier     

Ecotricity promises 100% green electricity and Britain’s greenest gas, complete with a Frack Free promise – that it will never use shale gas as part of its energy mix. It offers one tariff and one price for all of its customers.

If you are considering switching to a greener energy supplier then please choose Ecotricity. Please go to the Ecotricity web site here and select RAFF  on the right hand side of the page. For each new customer RAFF will receive a £60 donation from Ecotricity, which will help us fight fracking in the Fylde and beyond. Thank you.                                                 

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