Residents Action on Fylde Fracking

LCC rejects Cuadrilla’s planning application for Singleton


Lancashire County Council has today (25 February) refused Cuadrilla’s planning application to carry out seismic and pressure monitoring at a site at Singleton. The decision came a surprise as the planning officer had recommended that the planning committee pass the application and it is rare for a committee to go against its officer’s advice. Planning permission was originally granted for the site in 2010, and in 2011 a well was drilled to a depth of 10,700 feet. The well wasn’t fracked but Cuadrilla applied for an extension of their planning permission to carry out seismic and pressure monitoring. Lancashire County Council voted seven to six against with one abstention. A webcast of the meeting is available here. A number of objections were raised:

  • Breach of National Planning  Policy Framework
  • Well abandonment issues
  • Emissions (climate change)
  • Pollution
  • Disruption to wildlife and wintering birds
  • No monitoring in place by EA


The councillors voted as follows:

Voted for approval:

  • Munsif Dad                         Lab
  • Marcus Johnson                Lab
  • Barry Yates                       Tory
  • Graham Gooch                Tory
  • Michael Devaney             Tory
  • David Howarth                  Lib Dem

Voted  against:

  • Kevin Ellard                        Lab
  • Terry Aldridge                   Lab
  • Nikki Penney                    Lab
  • Steve Holgate                   Lab
  • Kim Snape                        Lab
  • Keith Sedgewick               Tory
  • Peter Buckley                    Tory


  •  Paul Hayhurst                   Ind

Paul Rigby left the room and did not vote as he had previously declared an interest.

Congratulations to the anti-fracking group SAFE (Singleton Against a Fracked Environment) and to all our colleagues who gave such brilliant presentations to the committee. Plus, a huge thanks to those councillors who voted against this. Meanwhile, those of us waiting outside County Hall decided to do a bit of artwork on the wall near the entrance. And that is a huge wall! singleton

Public meeting in Fleetwood, Tuesday 3 March


Fleetwood Folk Say (FFS) No Fracking and the Lancashire Nanas invite you to an information day, followed by a a public talk in the evening covering the following topics:

  • The Effects of Fracking on Public Health
  • The Economics of Fracking (will it create jobs?) and
  • What we as communities can do about it.

When: Tuesday 3 March 2015, 11.00 am – 9.30 pm.

Venue: The Steamer, 1-2 Queens Terrace, Fleetwood FY7 6BT

Public political meetings

As an organisation, RAFF is apolitical – our members represent all political parties but they all have one thing in common – they want to stop fracking happening in the Fylde.

This post aims to alert you to political meetings taking place in our area. In the interests of fairness and currency please can you alert us to any future public events you hear of, from any  political party.


Blackpool & Fyde Green Party

Candidate: Bob Dennet

The Green Party is the only political party to want a total ban on fracking.

  • Election Launch Party on Wednesday 25 February at 7pm onwards, at the Burlington Pub, Lytham Road, South Shore, Blackpool, FY4 1JR. The message from Bob Dennet says: This event is for all existing and new members as well as those just a bit curious about the Greens in Lancashire. We would love to hear your views about the Green Party and how we can best serve the people of Blackpool and Fylde. This will be a great opportunity in an informal setting to meet all candidates running in Local and National elections 2015. If you are planning to come along, please let me know so that we can let the venue know numbers If you would have liked to come, but can’t make it, then let me know if you would like us to organise another event soon. If you use Facebook, an event has been set up here



Candidate: Mike Hill

Mike Hill’s manifesto and his views on fracking can be viewed here. Mike has given 68 public meetings so far. He will be giving four more at Ribby Hall Village during March, focusing on fracking and his campaign to become an independent MP for the Fylde. Mike will be engaging in a Q&A session after his speech to give everybody the opportunity to ask questions. If you wish to attend any of these meeting, please register your interest at

  • Public Meeting with Mike Hill 11 March at 7,30 pm – 9.00 pm, at Ribby Hall, Ribby Road, Wrea Green, Preston, Lancashire PR4 2PR
  • Public Meeting with Mike Hill 16 March at 7.30 pm – 9.00 pm, at Ribby Hall, Ribby Road, Wrea Green, Preston, Lancashire PR4 2PR

Farmers warned not to allow fracking on their land

The Farmers Guardian recently included a leaflet as an insert in the paper which goes out to their 20,500 subscription readers. This action went on to generate interest from the online publication National Farmer.  The National Farmer has subsequently done a news editorial piece based on it, and they are now sending the  leaflet out as an email to their 54,000 readers.  This will include a hyperlink to the Frack Off website and it has a couple of films imbedded in it too.  Apparently they have a click rate of at least 40,000 which means that it will get extensive coverage.






The farmers are a powerful force in the fight against fracking. Please do alert any farmers you know to this leaflet.

Meanwhile, there has been lots of discussion on social media about insurance for farmers. The Farmers Guardian has recently carried an item about insurance on its web site, where NFU Mutual clarified its position. It said “a farm not involved in fracking but which suffered damage as a result of the process, for example shale gas extraction on a neighbouring property caused building subsidence, would be covered. So too would other rural properties in the area who insured with it.

“However, any farmer who had chosen to make a commercial decision to be involved in fracking would not be covered for damage incurred as a result of the process.”

Time to Act Climate March London, 7 March

The People’s Climate March last September was huge. With around 40,000 people marching in London, 400,000 in New York and many thousands more taking part across the world, together we made history.

2015 needs to be even bigger. The climate talks in Paris this December are crucial if we’re going to protect all that we love. Our movement is growing, and we’re more diverse and determined than ever before.

Across the UK people are already building change – from divestment of funds which prop up the fossil fuel industry, to frontline communities fighting unsustainable energy extraction and fracking, through to those paving the way for a transition towards a 100% renewable energy future which would bring about an estimated one million new climate jobs in the UK alone.  We know what needs to be done; the solutions are here now. Climate must be at the top of every politician’s agenda.

Now is the time to act.

Join us on March 7 to bring a message of urgency which cannot be ignored. Form blocs or join with others from your area to show solidarity and strength.  A bus to London has been arranged - Sign up here please.

And together let’s continue to power up and celebrate our movement – locally, nationally and internationally – throughout 2015, and beyond.

Help build the march

Join us on Facebook

Public meeting in Thornton, Saturday 21 March 2.00 – 4.00 pm

Coffee, Cake and Chatting about Fracking

Come along to this informal gathering and find out what the latest developments mean for you living in this area.
The mass industrialisation of Lancashire from Fleetwood to Freckleton and as far out as the M6 motorway. Frack pads in excess of the size of two football pitches, methane burning chimneys and a massive increase in heavy goods vehicles bringing fresh water and removing toxic waste.
Unconventional hydraulic fracturing is linked to earthquakes, poisoned water, polluted air and long term health problems. Is this what you want for your countryside and your children’s future? Come along and find out more – Saturday 21st March, 2pm-4pm Thornton Methodist Church Hall, 60 Victoria Road East, Thornton. FY5 5HQ

Lancashire County Council has delayed deciding Cuadrilla’s planning applications until 30th April

Lancashire County Council has announced that it is extending the time allowed to decide Cuadrilla’s planning applications for Little Plumpton and Roseacre until 30 April.

The LCC press release is below:

Thursday, February 05, 2015

Lancashire County Council has agreed with Cuadrilla to extend the time allowed to decide the planning applications for shale gas development to 30 April 2015 to allow for consultation on new information mainly relating to noise and traffic.

The county council’s Development Control Committee decided last week to defer decisions on applications by Cuadrilla to develop two sites in Lancashire after the company asked them to consider new proposals to reduce the impact of noise and traffic.
The applications are to drill, frack, and test gas flows, with associated separate applications for environmental monitoring, at two sites in Lancashire – Preston New Road at Little Plumpton, and Roseacre Wood at Roseacre.
The council’s planners are currently considering the new information on noise and traffic and will hold a further consultation with regulators and the public before putting their recommendations to the committee.
Dates for the consultation and the meetings at which the Development Control Committee will decide the application will be announced in due course.

In response, Friends of the Earth’s North West campaigner Helen Rimmer said:

“This extension is yet another delay for the industry at a time when fracking is becoming increasingly unpopular and politically toxic.

“A recent poll shows twice as many people in the North West oppose fracking as support it, while both the Welsh Assembly and Scottish Government have voted for a moratorium.

“Councillors must listen to the mounting concerns and tens of thousands of objections, and prevent Lancashire communities from becoming the UK’s fracking guinea pig.”

New poll shows that twice as many people oppose fracking outright – more than double those that support it

A new poll, conducted by Usurv, shows that half of those questioned in the North West (45%), where much of the shale gas resources are thought to be, said they were against it going ahead, with just 22% in favour of it. The press release is below.

RAFF says: “Independent surveys of Lancashire and the North West repeatedly show that people do not want fracking.  As residents become more aware of the implications of fracking on their environment, they are flocking to the anti-fracking groups for more information and to offer their support. People are very angry and this anger, coupled with that of a number of Lancashire County Councillors, who are disgusted that our local democratic processes are being meddled with from above, shows that fracking companies have no social licence to drill for shale gas in the North West.”


Jan 28, 2015 3:09:18 PM

By Emily Beament, Press Association Environment Correspondent

More people are opposed to the controversial process of fracking in the UK than back it, a new poll shows. An online survey of 1,000 people found that two fifths (40%) were against fracking, while a quarter (25%) were in favour of it going ahead in the UK.

Around one in 10 (11%) were happy for fracking to go ahead but “not in my backyard”, while almost a quarter (24%) did not know whether it should happen in the UK, the poll by Usurv revealed.

Men were much more in favour of fracking, with 37% backing it in the UK compared with just 13% of female respondents, and wealthier people – those earning more than GBP40,000 – were also more likely to back it.

Almost half of those questioned in the North West (45%), where much of the shale gas resources are thought to be, said they were against it going ahead, with just 22% in favour of it, and 13% saying it could happen but not in their backyard.

In Scotland, where energy company Ineos has purchased licences to explore for shale gas, just 15% of people thought fracking should go ahead, while 54% were against it, and less than 8% were happy for it to happen elsewhere.

And in the South East, where companies are looking to exploit shale deposits in the Weald, 35% were against it going ahead in the UK, 25% were in favour and 12% said they were in favour but not near them.

The figures come as the debate over the future of the shale industry in the UK intensifies, with the Government forced to rule out all fracking in protected areas such as national parks and tighten rules on giving it the go ahead under pressure from MPs.

A decision on two planning applications by Cuadrilla has also been deferred by Lancashire County Council, as the shale company submitted new information after planning officers recommended the sites be refused planning permission due to noise and traffic.

Please click here for an analysis of the results


Is our council being leant on from above?

Cuadrilla bullies LCC into deferring planning decisions for another eight weeks

Lancashire County Council have capitulated to the demands of Cuadrilla by giving them another eight weeks in order that new information can be assessed by the planning committee, leaving residents upset and uncertain as to what the future holds. Last week planning officers recommended refusal for the two planning applications for Little Plumpton (Preston New Road) and Roseacre on the grounds of noise and traffic. Cuadrilla submitted revised proposals that they claimed mitigated both the noise and traffic problems and argued that they should be allowed a deferral on both applications.

At this morning’s LCC planning committee meeting members of the public, both for and against the Little Plumpton application, were each allowed to speak for four minutes. Things had only just got going when there was an adjournment for 90 minutes or so as the planning committee met in private to be given legal advice. Following the adjournment, County Secretary and Chief Legal Adviser Ian Young said:

“As committee members are aware, during the course of the last few days, the applicant has submitted additional information in relation to both applications. In relation to Preston New Road, new proposals in relation to noise mitigation have been received. In relation to Roseacre, proposals in relation to both noise mitigation and traffic measures have been received. That information of course relates directly to the grounds for refusal recommended by officers.

“The applicant has in each case submitted that this information is of a substantive nature and should therefore be the subject of public consultation as required by regulation 22 of the Town and Country Planning Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations 2011. In those circumstances the applicant has requested that both applications be deferred so the additional information can be assessed by the council and therefore considered by the committee.

“The applicant’s request for deferral and their submissions in support of the request have been considered carefully by officers, in particular the legal basis for the request. Having done so, and with the benefit of advice from leading council, my unequivocal advice to the committee is that the proposals now submitted by the applicant in respect of both noise and traffic must be regarded as substantive information. It therefore follows that the proposals must be advertised and consulted on by the council.

“In these circumstances my advice to the committee is that the determination of both applications must be deferred. Not to do so would in my view mean that the council would be acting unlawfully. If the committee were not to accept my advice, then in my view the applicant would have clear grounds to challenge a refusal to defer and a legal challenge would inevitably be successful, leading to both further delay and cost consequences for the council.

“If my advice is accepted and the decision is deferred, the committee should also be aware that it is likely to be a minimum of eight weeks before the committee would be able to reconvene to consider the application.”

So basically the Legal Officer was saying that the applications must be deferred otherwise the committee would be acting unlawfully, leading to Cuadrilla mounting a legal challenge, which could prove costly for the council and, by implication, the tax payer. Cuadrilla, of course, has no such financial worries as it would be bankrolled by its Chairman and 30% owner Lord Browne, who has previously stated that he will throw enough money at fracking to make it happen.

Following the statement from LCC’s Legal Advisor, several councillors voiced their disapproval.

Councillor Marcus Johnstone (Labour) said he regretted that people at today’s meeting would not be able to make representations but said that they would be able to do so when the committee reconvened. He also said it was regrettable that local communities would suffer more weeks of uncertainty.

Councillor Paul Hayhurst (Independent) said that there were many councillors who were not happy about having to follow the advice for a deferment and expressed concerns over the time, effort and expense that people had invested in order to present to the committee. He requested that the various groups should be able to give their full half hour presentations again before the applications were reconsidered. He said, “Many people’s health is suffering because of the work they’ve had to put in to this and the worry they’ve had to go to is not helping the situation at all.”

Councillor Kevin Ellard (Labour) said that this was not a decision taken by the committee but on the recommendation of an officer.

Councillor Terry Aldridge (Labour) declared that he would vote against a deferral, because Cuadrilla could have brought forward their new proposals at an earlier stage in the process.

Councillor Steven Holgate (Labour) declared he was “downright angry” and that the authority of the committee had been undermined. He referred to George Osborne’s leaked letter that urges “rapid progress’ on fracking, and said that there are too many people dipping their fingers into responsibilities that are not theirs and that, unfortunately, this goes right to the top. He said he would abstain. You can watch a clip of his speech here.

None of the other councillors spoke. The motion was carried with one abstention and one vote against.

Today’s developments are disappointing. We are dismayed that LCC have given into Cuadrilla’s demands. We feel that the company has had weeks and weeks to get their information together. We feel that they have manipulated the planning process to their own advantage, leaving local residents to suffer further months of uncertainty. Many residents have spent a lot of time and money creating and getting together their representations – the 20 minute presentations were delivered both last and this week. They involved expert opinion from geologists, engineers, climate experts, barristers and the like, as well as heartfelt representations from residents living close to the proposed sites. Unlike the fracking industry, which was given £5 million by George Osborne to inform the public about shale gas, we residents are largely self-funded.

According to The Guardian, George Osborne’s leaked letter asks that ministers make dozens of interventions to fast-track fracking as a “personal priority”. Listed at the top is a demand to  “respond to the asks from Cuadrilla. The “asks” include contacting the Health and Safety Executive and Lancashire County Council about planning applications, and the Ministry of Defence over granting Cuadrilla trucks access to military land. In his preamble, the chancellor writes: “I expect to see rapid progress” on the recommendations.”

Is our council being leant on from above? If so our democratic process is being made a mockery of.

Over 200 local businesses & community groups call on Lancs County Council to say no to fracking



Over 240 businesses, community groups, and trade union groups have today (Tuesday 27 January) written to Lancashire County Councillors to call on the council to reject plans for fracking and support clean energy alternatives (1).

The letter, organised by the Frack Free Lancashire alliance (2), highlights evidence of the harmful effects of fracking on the environment and health, and the myths that shale gas will reduce energy prices and create many jobs. It also calls for a positive vision for Lancashire providing opportunities for young people, job creation and tackling climate change through renewable energy and energy conservation.

Ebony Johnson from Frack Free Lancashire said:

“We are delighted that so many organisations across Lancashire are joining us to call for a frack-free future for the county. While Cuadrilla and their lobby groups such as the North West Energy Task Force claim to have support from the business community, it is clear that many businesses have grave concerns about the negative impacts fracking will have on our local economy. We are calling on County Councillors to do what’s right for Lancashire and say no to fracking.”

Peter Thorne of North East Lancashire Trades Union Council said:

“North East Lancs TUC is totally opposed to fracking on environmental grounds and notes that almost the whole county has been identified as possible future fracking sites. Instead of more fossil fuels we need bold action on climate change which could create many thousands of jobs in clean energy sectors for Lancashire workers”.

Jane Barnes from Rural Fylde Young Riders Club said:

“Our members gain a great deal of pleasure, and psychological and social benefits, from interacting with their horses and nature. Any activity which interferes with that enjoyment or affects the health, wellbeing or safety of our members or their horses will be opposed by the club.  We consider fracking to be such an activity, an industrial process which should not encroach into the countryside.”

Karen Ditchfield, owner of Glasform business in Poulton-le-Fylde said:

“Our business is visited by tourists who come to the Fylde and surrounding area to enjoy our beautiful countryside and stunning sunsets. If Cuadrilla is allowed to turn this area into a gas field, in Francis Egans words “the biggest gas field in Europe”, I believe tourism and agriculture would be seriously affected. Would you take your family on holiday to a gas field? Would you feed them food grown in a gas field?”

Fraser McMillan of PR1 Media Productions in Preston said:

“There is strong evidence that fracking has harmed lives and communities in the USA. We must not allow it to happen in the UK. The bank balance of the few should not take precedence over the rights of the many. I applaud the selfless dedication of the groups and individuals who have campaigned to raise awareness of this threat to our health and quality of life.”

Muriel Lord from Longridge Against Fracking said:

“We’ve been talking to groups and businesses in our community and found that many share our concerns about the harmful impacts of fracking on our health, environment and beautiful countryside. Lancashire County Council must listen to the voices of people across Lancashire including the Ribble Valley and reject the fracking plans.”

Lancashire County Council will make a decision on plans by Cuadrilla to drill and frack eight wells in the Fylde this week (Wednesday 28 and Thursday 29 January).


Notes 1. Copy of letter and signatories below
2. Frack Free Lancashire is an alliance of local community groups from across Lancashire working together to oppose shale gas extraction.


Copy of joint letter to Lancashire County Council

As community groups, businesses and residents in Lancashire, we call on our elected representatives to oppose plans for shale gas extraction and to support a Frack Free Lancashire.

Shale gas extraction poses a real and serious threat to our environment, communities and local economy.

Evidence shows that fracking and shale gas production has high risks of ground and surface water contamination, air pollution, and climate change. Studies show that workers and residents living near fracking sites overseas have experienced serious health effects – and the long-term impacts are unknown.

If they go ahead, the fracking sites in the Fylde would create millions of litres of radioactive wastewater.  Wildlife in our beautiful countryside and internationally important habitats would be at risk. And our communities would live with 24-hour drilling and gas flaring, noise and heavy traffic.

And for what gain? We are being sold a myth that shale gas will bring low energy prices and jobs – yet there is no evidence to back up claims that it will cut energy bills, and the limited jobs are likely to be short-term and transient. Planning documents show only eleven jobs will be supported at each site despite years of disruption to local residents and businesses. Our important farming and tourism sectors would be at risk from an intensive shale gas industry that requires thousands of wells puncturing the landscape.

Yet despite the hype from the Government and the industry, public concern is mounting and across Lancashire and the UK communities are coming together in peaceful protest. Over 20,000 people have already objected to the plans. The movement for a frack-free UK has brought people together from all walks of life and across the political spectrum – families, farmers, faith groups, trade unionists, artists, environmentalists and businesses.

We recognise the need for new solutions to our energy problems.

But fracking is the wrong solution – and we believe Lancashire can do better.

We have a positive vision for our county – developing our abundant renewable energy resources, improving energy conservation, and building community energy where local people have a genuine stake in the energy they produce and consume. This would create jobs, provide genuine opportunities for our young people, cut carbon emissions and protect our environment.

As the Government has failed to listen and act on our concerns, we look to our local representatives to do what’s best for Lancashire. Please oppose the fracking plans and support a Frack Free Lancashire. Signed

  • A A Hosiery, Burnley
  • A White Room, Colne
  • About Coffee, Colne
  • Accrington Baby Centre, Accrington
  • Accrington Carpet and Bed, Accrington
  • Advanced Print Solutions, Longridge
  • Ahoy Lancaster, Lancaster
  • Aiqah’s Boutique, Nelson
  • All Sorts Cheaper 4 U, Blackpool
  • Allen Braithwaite, Colne
  • Alma Inn, Accrington
  • Ancient Mariner Furniture, Ribchester
  • Angel’s Hair Design, Colne
  • Anise, Chorley
  • Anita’s Furnishing, Accrington
  • Anne Whittaker Bridal Wear, Accrington
  • Antonias, Burnley
  • Aphrodite Health Store, Penwortham
  • Art and Soul Gallery, Padiham
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  • Ascot Studios, Ribchester
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  • Big Butts, Preston
  • Blackburn and District Trades Union Council
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  • Bookidz, Poulton-le-Fylde
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  • East Lancashire Clarion Choir
  • East Lancashire Natural Childbirth Trust
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  • The DVD Studio, St Annes
  • The Green Chimney, Colne
  • The Snip, Fleetwood
  • The Studio Coffee Shop, Rawtenstall
  • The Town Barbers, Leyland
  • Thoughts, Nelson
  • Tillotsons Arms, Chipping
  • Tinderbox, Poulton-le-Fylde
  • Tony’s Fish and Chips, Rawtenstall
  • Top Café, Preston
  • Town Café, Chorley
  • Trawden Pottery, Colne
  • Trend Jewellers, Poulton-le-Fylde
  • Uncle’s Pawnbrokers, Chorley
  • Victoria Hotel, Accrington
  • Victorian Arts and Crafts, Poulton-le-Fylde
  • Vogue Hair Design, Accrington
  • Wags Dog Salon, Newton
  • Washable Fabrics, Roseacre
  • Westgarth News, Blackpool
  • Wheatsheaf Health Foods & Homebrew, Ormskirk
  • Workhouse Marketing, Ribchester
  • 4ones Express, Burnley


  • Bowland Fracking Forum
  • Defend Lytham
  • Fleetwood Folk Say No to Fracking
  • Frack Free Blackpool
  • Frack Free Creators
  • Frack Off Elswick
  • Frack Free Freckleton
  • Frack Free Fylde
  • Frack Free Kirkham and Wesham
  • Frack Free Pendle
  • Frack Free Skelmersdale
  • Frack Off Rossendale
  • Garstang Against Fracking
  • Hyndburn Anti Fracking
  • Inskip Against Fracking
  • Keep East Lancashire Frack Free
  • Lancashire Frack Free Food Alliance
  • Lancaster Against Fracking
  • Lancaster Climate Action
  • Longridge Against Fracking
  • Mereside United Frack Fighters
  • Preston Frack Off
  • Preston New Road Action Group
  • Residents Action on Fylde Fracking
  • Ramsbottom Against Fracking
  • Ribble Estuary Against Fracking
  • Roseacre Awareness Group
  • Thornton Unites Against Fylde Fracking
  • Singleton Against a Fracked Environment
  • Preston Greenpeace
  • Burnley Friends of the Earth
  • Central Lancashire Friends of the Earth
  • Hyndburn and Ribble Valley Friends of the Earth
  • North Lancs Friends of the Earth
  • Ormskirk and District Friends of the Earth


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