Day 26 at Preston New Road


Another accident, this one caused by an abuse of Cuadrilla’s Road Traffic Management Plan.

The morning brought news that another pop up protest in Bolton at EA Yates (Cuadrilla’s main contractor)¬†successfully stopped a number of lorries. It appears from reports that lorries were slow walked to the main highway, where unfortunately a photographer who had only just arrived, was arrested.¬†he was since been released without charge.

At around 8.45am a cement mixer from a new supplier (Cemex) apparently entered the site from the east, having to make a right turn, not permitted in the Traffic Management Plan. Security, Police Liaison Officers and two vigilant protectors indicated that this was not permitted and as the lorry hesitated, a car stopped, and another crashed at speed into the back of it. Children were in both cars – all were taken to hospital and, thankfully, none were seriously injured. In the US, where they have been fracking for a number of years, spikes in road traffic accidents near fracking sites are well documented.

This was a serious breach of the traffic plan. We hope Lancashire County Council’s planning officers are taking note.

The cement company involved issued a statement suggesting that the delivery was a one off and in no way tied them to a contract – no ore deliveries from them then. Later there was some unnecessary police action that was upsetting. No work was carried out on the site all day. Miranda Cox provides a detailed overview of the day here.

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