Homeowners – fracking damage is now an “excluded peril” from buildings insurance policies

A local Fylde resident has been making enquiries into whether or not he can get house insurance that will cover damage caused by fracking. It appears not. This raises serious implications for people living near (and not so near) drilling sites across the UK. We would encourage you to write to your MP expressing your concerns and quoting this letter

A letter from a Lancashire resident to his MP.

Dear Mr Menzies,

During the course of renewing my contents and buildings insurance policy, I made enquiries as to whether, or not, the risk of damage due to fracking would be covered. My broker kindly made enquiries, on my behalf, within the Insurance Industry.

She now informs me that damage to buildings as a result of fracking is now an ‘Excluded Peril’ on all buildings insurance throughout the United Kingdom.

I do hope that you are aware that over 80 properties across Fylde were damaged as a result of the seismic tests, carried out on St. Annes Moss last October? This included damage to the floor of the Willows Catholic Club in Kirkham, which as you will know, is several miles away.

Specifically, and in great detail please, what guarantees can the Government give me that they will pay for any damage to my property as a result of fracking. I am aware that Cuadrilla have NOT paid out for much of the damage they caused last year, so I believe the time has come for the Government to provide an absolute guarantee that all damage will be covered from a central pot, and without quibble.

Yours sincerely,

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