Our event in Blackpool

Thanks to those residents who braved a filthy night to attend our event last Wednesday (27 September) at the Grand Theatre Studio.

Our three speakers were inspirational.


Susan Lofthouse recounted how she had always thought that fracking was a bad idea but hadn’t got involved in any groups or actions, until she saw The Bentley Effect film and this inspired her to become more active. She now regularly visits Maple Farm and the Preston New Road site to meet other like-minded people and to take part in peaceful actions.



Organic Farmer Alan Schofield from Growing With Nature, which is based in nearby Pilling, emphasised the dangers of soil contamination from High Volume Hydraulic Fracturing. Alan has been involved in the Soil Association for many years and is highly qualified to understand the dangers of soil contamination and the devastating effects it could have on businesses like his.



Our third speaker Tina Rothery needed no introduction. Tina has been a spokesperson and campaigner against fracking for over six years. She provided an overview of how the movement has stopped fracking for six years now and how she is in contact with AJ Lucas shareholders who are looking to campaigners to tell them what is really happening at PNR – yes they are lied to as well by Cuadrilla’s parent company AJ Lucas, who claim that the exploratory process is going well, despite Cuadrilla being five months behind schedule and what looks like major problems with the drill.

We heard from members of the audience about how many homes are up for sale at Carr Bridge (a small housing development near the site) and about houses that have lost nearly 50% of their value. A retired lorry driver told us that he was appalled to witness uncovered skips leaving the site, spilling sludge over the road; about how lorries are leaving the site without the legally required wheel wash. We had some great feedback from the audience who were also keen to pick up information leaflets, badges, etc. Thanks to all those who put something in the donations box. Such generosity enables us to afford more printing, purchase merchandise and put on other events such as this one.



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