Local resident denied appointment at Cuadrilla’s surgery because he shared information with other residents

A local resident who attended a public Cuadrilla surgery a few weeks ago and then shared his responses with RAFF, is being denied a further appointment at an upcoming surgery. The resident, who wishes to remain anonymous, was accused by Cuadrilla’s PR company PPS that by forwarding this information to RAFF, he had breached a confidence and would not be offered another appointment. He said: “ “Cuadrilla never stated that our conversations were confidential,and even if they were, it begs the question, what are they frightened of? Questions answered on a face- to-face basis on complex subjects require a degree of flexibility and knowledge, and erroneous statements can be challenged immediately. Cuadrilla obviously fear this level of debate as much as they fear that their shoddy responses should be brought to a wider audience. They don’t want us to know about their industry, they don’t want us to object to it – they want us all to stay asleep.”

A spokesperson for RAFF said: “This resident went along to the initial surgery and asked the sort of questions any concerned resident might ask and then forwarded the responses to us to share with others who couldn’t make the surgery themselves. We added his questions and the replies to our website. In what way is this a breach of confidence. Why doesn’t Cuadrilla want its answers to common questions made public? What is it trying to hide? This behaviour is a PR disaster for a company who is always making much of how it it is interacting with the public. How can anyone trust them? This attitude makes a complete mockery of what constitutes a ‘public consultation’”

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