Response to today’s news that the government have given Cuadrilla permission to frack PNR

In a typically cowardly fashion, our Government waited until the last day of Parliament to announce that subject to certain conditions, it was granting permission to Cuadrilla to frack the Preston New Road.

Frack Free Lancashire’s response:

“Frack Free Lancashire are saddened that the Secretary of State has granted permission for Cuadrilla to frack regardless of the opposition of local councils, MPs and population.

“They have now proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that localism is a sham.

“The irony of allowing this water-intensive industry to go ahead at exactly the moment when the country is in the grip of the worst drought for 40 years and the area in which Cuadrilla will be fracking has been hit with a hosepipe ban, will be lost on nobody.

“The fact that they are also proposing to kill off small scale renewable investment by removing the feed-in tariffs at the same time as enabling fracking is further evidence that this government’s energy policy is hopelessly out of step with the real world and the issues that we all face as a result of imminent climate change.”

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