We have exhausted every democratic opening available to us: what next?

A common comment made by folk who claim to be in support of us fighting fracking is that they don’t agree with the way we go about it. We take this to mean that they are not in favour of our rolling protest on Preston New Road. For those folk here is a checklist of most (am sure we have forgotten some) of the actions RAFF has taken in the last six years:

* Held public meetings to gauge opinion & share information ☑

* Helped create groups to discuss the hundreds of peer-reviewed studies ☑

* Provided residents’ feedback to councillors ☑

* Engaged with and provided MPs with feedback on residents’ concerns about the effects of fracking so close to residential areas ☑

* Engaged with government ministers over residents’ concerns ☑

* Attended industry information events in order to discover/understand their plans and what they might mean for residents ☑

* Created petitions and obtained thousands of signatures which were delivered to County Halls and Downing Street ☑

* Organised and attended peaceful demonstrations locally and nationally ☑

* Took peaceful, direct and non-violent direct action ☑

* Co-operated with NGOs to put pressure on central government ☑

* Given evidence at the House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee on the Economic Impact on UK Energy Policy of Shale Gas and Oil ☑

* Attended and gave evidence at Lancashire County Council Development and Control meetings on planning ☑

* Attended and gave evidence at the Public Inquiry ☑

* Contacted Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government with an invitation to visit proposed sites and meet residents (not accepted) ☑

* Sought help from our Monarch ☑

Folk may not agree with our current actions but the list shows that we have exhausted every democratic opening available to us.

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