What Are You Drinking Fylde?

55% of Water in Your Tap is from the Fracking Zone and 40% from Forest of Bowland

Thanks to Mike Hill for investigating the issue of Fylde’s water supply. Where does Fylde’s drinking water come from?

A reply from United Utilities reveals that a property in the middle of St Annes, Fylde gets 95% of its water from local boreholes, the River Wyre and Stocks Reservoir in Bowland. Only 5% is a mix of river and lake water from the Lake District. So 55% of all Fylde’s water in your taps comes directly from the Fylde – a potential fracking zone and a further 40% is from the greater fracking zone!

Mike Hill, together with local anti-fracking groups such as RAFF, have repeatedly drawn attention to the potential contamination of our drinking water by fracking activity. We have also repeatedly been accused of scaremongering and told it could never happen as our drinking water comes from the Lake District or other areas. Well here we have it from the horse’s mouth – 55% of water in your tap is from the fracking zone and 40% from the greater fracking zone, the Forest of Bowland.


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