Urgent action needed to support amendments in Infrastructure Bill

The Infrastructure Bill poses a huge threat to our publicly owned green spaces from flogging off & development, to our homes & landscape from fracking & radioactive waste, to our wildlife from extermination and to our fundamental democratic right to have a say in how development occurs in our communities.

Only by us all raising our voices in whatever way we can will we curb or stop the Infrastructure Bill from being law!

The Infrastructure Bill was debated by the House of Commons on December 8 and moved to Committee stage on December 16 where MPs have begun to examine it line-by-line. MPs are meeting on January 6 to discuss the Bill and this stage will be completed by January.

Owen Adams of HOOF (hands Off Our Forest) has compiled an excellent and up to date Google Doc on what the Bill covers, its implications, important dates to look out for, template letters to write to your MP, media coverage, voting records, etc . You can view the Document here.

Please email your MP and ask them to insist Cameron stops his cover-up and releases an uncensored version of the fracking report by DEFRA. The only public one has …over 60 redacted sections, some relating to house prices and local impacts. How can any MP vote in favour of removing property owners rights to stop fracking without having seen the report? A lot of MPs, especially Lib Dems and Labour, might willingly press him on this, especially on behalf of anxious constituents – who a) want to know what’s going on and b) don’t want to loose their property rights. MPs must also want to remain credible. The Gvmt have talked about transparency. Transparency? If MPs are not shown the whole report, the only responsible thing they can do is vote with Baker/Lucas amendments – to delete all sections removing current land owner rights to stop it. The PM was urged to release the report mid Dec by Tory MP Ann McIntosh. He said he’d “look into it”. He must let MPs see it before they vote. That means releasing it this coming week. Please write now!

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