Invitation to Mike HiIl’s final speech

Having given 72 public speeches since 2010 and 10 of those as part of this election campaign, Mike Hill will be giving his very last one in St. Annes on the 5th May at 7.00 pm, in St Annes United Reform Church Hall, St Georges Rd,  Lytham St Annes,  FY8 2AE.

Mike Hill says, “I would like to invite you to attend this final event even if you have heard me before. Please bring along at least one person. They may be a supporter but preferably they may be sceptical about fracking, about myself or both! If you are a member anti-fracking group then please invite others from your group to come along as well. They do not have to support me, as I know the groups are apolitical, but I would like them to listen and to question. I am happy, as I always have been, to face hard questions. So whether you or your friends are anti, pro, ambivalent etc. I would like you and them there.”

Further information is available here.

Mike Hill is the independent prospective parliamentary candidate for Fylde.

As well as the 5 May meeting, Mike will also be holding a meeting in Cottam Community Centre  on Monday 27 April, 8.00 pm – 10.00 pm and in Kirkham Town Centre on 2 May, 10.30 am – 12.30 pm.



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