Come and join us at County Hall, Preston, 28 January

Event: The Frack Stops Here!

Location: County Hall, Preston, Lancashire

Dates: Weds 28th & Thurs 29th January 2015 Time: 9-5pm



RALLY! 28th January 2015… Join Frack Free Lancashire and campaign groups from all over the UK to rally against fracking.  Lancashire County Council will be making the decision on Cuadrilla’s

Two Days Of Family-Friendly Community Solidarity Action! This is a PEACEFUL demonstration

On Wednesday 28th and Thursday 29th January, Lancashire County Council will be deciding on whether or not to approve two of the largest fracking tests ever contemplated in the UK. If allowed to happen, each site would have four horizontal wells, producing tens of millions of gallons of radioactive and toxic waste, and opening the door to thousands more wells to be drilled across Lancashire (and the rest of the country).

On both days, concerned communities from around the country will descend upon Lancashire County Hall in Preston for a peaceful show of solidarity and resistance. This is a huge deal that has implications for the entirety of the UK. It’s also a great chance to showcase the strength and solidarity of the of the UK anti-fracking movement by standing with the people of Lancashire!

A record 27,000 people have objected so far, and community groups across Lancashire are organising to resist Cuadrilla’s plans. A wide variety of events are planned for these days (including the now traditional tractor run). The council is planning that the decision for the Preston New Road site would happen on the Wednesday and the Roseacre Wood site on the Thursday.

If you live in the 60% of the UK that has been made available to fracking companies, this is also your chance to highlight the threat to your community and the resistance taking place where you live! Get involved and come to Lancashire, if you can!

Contact if you want to help organise transport from your region.

Please try and wear YELLOW!



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