The Social Futures of Resource Extraction and Energy

Preston 30 August 2016 at 6.00 pm

What are the main challenges for the future of energy? Can they be addressed with unconventional natural resources? The ways in which we answer these questions have the potential to influence our societies in fundamental ways. What impacts will our choices about the futures of energy have on individuals, communities and the globe?

The launch will be marked by two lectures: “The UK’s Shale Gas Trilemma” to be given by Prof. Michael Bradshaw, Professor of Global Energy, University of Warwick; and Prof. Debra Davidson from the University of Alberta, Canada, who will speak about oil extraction in Alberta.

UPDATE: Prof. Tony Ingraffea from Cornell University will also be joining us via Skype to give a talk: “No, “Tough” Regulations on Shale Gas Development Are Not the Answer to a Sustainable Energy Future”.

The event will be chaired by Marc Hudson (University of Manchester)

30th August 2016, 6 pm;  Harris Museum and Art Gallery in Preston

This is a free event and will be followed by Q&A and wine reception. Reserve your seat here.

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