National Anti-Fracking Demo, Blackpool, Lancashire


Join us on the first day of the Planning Appeal to show your support for Lancashire’s decision to Reject Fracking

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We need your help to keep Lancashire Frack Free!

Do you remember Lancashire’s amazing victory in June, where we saw off fracking company Cuadrilla? Well now this victory is at risk and we need your help. Cuadrilla has ‘appealed’ against Lancashire’s decision to reject fracking. This means a public inquiry, held at Blackpool FC football stadium, will start on Tuesday 9 February. This will hear evidence on whether Lancashire’s decision should be upheld or overturned by politicians in Westminster. We will be protesting outside to defend Lancashire’s decision and supporting the witnesses inside who will be registering their opposition to the application.

Activities for the day 9th February – All Welcome!

  • 9am arrive and support witnesses inside the inquiry who are defending Lancashire’s decision.
  • 9.30 onwards hear from speakers
  • 11am take part in our creative photo-op to demonstrate Lancashire’s opposition to fracking

If Cuadrilla are allowed to frack in Lancashire the rest of the UK is put at even greater risk. The fracking industry need thousands of wells over hundreds of square miles to make a profit.

Community resistance is beating the fracking industry in the UK and solidarity between threatened communities is a vital part of the anti-fracking movement’s success.

This is a peaceful demonstration and is supported by Lancashire Police.

Do you want to hold an event?

RAFF has spoken at lots of events throughout the UK, including the House of Lords. We’ve also organised many public meetings for residents around Lancashire and have worked with Frack Off and Friends of the Earth in setting up local groups. We have over four years of experience in fighting fracking and are happy to share this experience, wherever you are based.

If you would like RAFF to host a public information meeting in your community, please get in touch