Gathering on the Green (4)


11 July 2015 at 12.00 pm, Lytham Windmill

As this event is created to mark the FOURTH Gathering on the Green event – there has been NO further fracking because of community resistance – brilliant! BUT… we need to keep at this, we cannot ease off. A gathering shows our unity, our numbers and our ability to co-operate for shared goals… and the frackers really hate that.

As each community here in the NW (and throughout the UK) was given access the truth and reality of what fracking for shale gas involves… a new group would form to defend that community and further share the information.

So again and this time much more LOUDLY – we call for a gathering on Lytham Green (by the Windmill) of all who are concerned about Fracking (shale gas extraction).

Around this time last year and the year before, and the year before that.. we had our first, second and third ‘Gathering on the Green’ events and now in 2015, as Cuadrilla plans are still stalled – we are in URGENT need of another one.

The politicians just aren’t sure we mean it when we say shale gas extraction in Lancashire (or anywhere else) comes with too many risks.

The industry & Government have suggested we can be bought-off with ever-increasing ‘sweeteners’. That WE would sell our right to health, safety and quality of life…and that of our children; as if we live by the same morals they work by.

The fantastic work of residents, communities, local, national and international groups has meant that ‘fracking’ has stayed in the news and despite the wealth and power of those behind this dangerous industry – the opposition to it grows more informed and numerous.

We need to make it loud and clear that we do not accept this threat to our community and to do that, we need to gather ourselves together and show we are united on THIS ISSUE.

The gathering is for residents, friends, families, businesses and any who feel that the shale gas industry comes with too many risks. A day for picnics, conversation, information and a show of numbers that makes our position clear and says ….we will not be bought-off.

Please share this and help us, we need you.

Do you want to hold an event?

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