What Can You Do?

Below are a list of suggested Actions for you to take. In many cases we have provided links to documents for you to copy and paste. However, it is always preferable to personalise any letter/email, etc as much as possible as it is more likely to get noticed. Following the list of actions, you can find Resources that will help you conduct your own research. A list of other UK and Irish Anti-fracking groups is available below the Resources section.

Lend us your talents!

Are you able to help us in any way? We are looking for people who have legal knowledge; design skills for creating leaflets, posters, brochures,; printing facilities; delivering leaflets; etc. If you can help please contact us at raffgroup@hotmail.co.uk


RAFF spends a lot of time applying for funding from various bodies. Our costs include hiring rooms/halls for meetings, printing leaflets, posters and brochures, travel to events and meetings, etc. If you would like to support our campaign you can donate via the Co-operative bank – Sort Code 08-92-99. Account Number 65551125.

Current Actions

*  Cuadrilla has submitted planning applications for permission to explore two new sites on the Fylde  –  Roseacre Wood and Little Plumpton (Preston New Road). The  EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) scoping reports tell you more about the plans for both Little Plumpton and Roseacre. RAFF, together with other anti-fracking groups, has been busy obtaining signatures for objection letters for  both the Preston New Road and Roseacre sites. This campaign was hugely successful and LCC received an unprecedented number of objections. The determinations will be heard in April.

Lobby your Borough Councillors and County Councillors www.fylde.gov.uk and www.lancashire.gov.uk

Although Fylde Borough Council doesn’t have the authority to accept or reject planning applications, it does have a requirement to receive objections to the applications and pass these on to Lancashire County Council. Please click here to find out how to register and tell Fylde Borough Council what you think.

*  In June 2014 we launched Frack Free Lancashire - along with 16 other Fylde, Blackpool, Wyre and Preston-based campaign groups. In early 2015, the number of groups active in Lancashire has reached 30.  Each of the campaign groups regularly hold events in their town centres to raise public awareness about fracking. Why not go along and help them?

Ask Cameron to say no to fracking -  a new petition from Friends of the Earth asking Cameron to reconsider his position on hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, immediately and instead champion energy sources which do not risk our global climate, local environment or our health. You can find the petition here.

Other bodies to write to:

 *   There’s a petition on 38 Degrees asking Parliament to stop shale gas extraction. You can sign it here

*  Oil and gas companies from the US and across Europe are spending £millions on targeting Brussels in an all-out campaign to prevent EU-wide rules for the developing shale gas industry. Contact your Euro MPs to tell them that they must not listen to the claims of the energy companies – that regulations covering shale gas extraction are totally inadequate and that residents are not protected.  You can download a draft letter here. Further suggestions and a list of North West MEPs are included here.

*  Write to Ed Davey, Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change.  In order to help you, we’ve created some bullet points for you to use. Please personalise your correspondence as much as possible, so that he won’t dismiss them as coming from one campaigning group, but do please emphasis the self-regulation point. Please send your email to daveye@parliament.uk, or if you prefer to write a letter, to Ed Davey, Department of Energy & Climate Change, 3 Whitehall Place, London SW1A 2AW.

*   Download independent engineer Mike Hill’s Presentation on Regulations (or lack of them) and his  Response (August 2012) to DECC (Department of Energy & Climate Change) report on earthquakes in Fylde caused by fracking. You can also hear him give a presentation on the lack of regulations on You Tube. Use the information to help you compile letters, emails, etc to DECC, Fylde Borough Council, Lancashire County Council, MPs and the Government.

Write to your MP and tell them why you think fracking is a bad idea. The website www.writetothem.com provides details of all MPs, how they voted, what they have spoken on and other information.

* Make visible protests. Put up posters and other anti-fracking signs. We can supply Frack Free Lancashire A4 posters to put up in windows.

 *  Contact us if you would like us to hold a balanced meeting in your village/church hall, etc. We can usually accept invitations at relatively short notice. Maybe you’d like to set up an anti-fracking group in your area. We have helped lots of such groups and are more than happy to offer help and advice, based on our own experience. Please also get in touch if you have time to spare for delivering leaflets about upcoming events, etc.


Our newsletter is no longer available for downloading as it is now out of date. We should have a new brochure ready for you to use early in 2015. Our original brochure has reached thousand and thousands of residents both on the Fylde and further afield and has been an important tool in our anti-fracking campaign.


Start asking questions!

Do your own research and learn about what’s happening. There is lots of well sourced information on the Internet – here are a few links to get you started:

  • This map shows which areas have a Petroleum & Development Exploration Licence (PEDL)
  • This is an excellent document from Friends of the Earth  - All that glitters… Is the regulation of unconventional gas and oil exploration in England really ‘gold standard’?  It looks at unconventional gas extraction in the UK and discusses the lack of adequate regulations
  • Watch the BBC’s Inside Out programme broadcast in January 2014. It discusses the environmental implications of fracking, in particular, the disposal of radioactive waste
  • Dr Mariann Lloyd-Smith is  Senior Advisor to the National Toxics Network in Australia and to IPEN, an international public interest NGO, She has toured and spoken extensively on the environmental and health impacts of fracking. Here she is talking to an audience in Dublin in May 2013
  • Fracking Hell – The Untold Story is an 18 minute film that looks at the implications of fracking on communities in the USA
  • Fracking – The Truth is a 27 minute film that looks at evidence from the USA, Canada, Australia and Lancashire  that fracking  can cause earthquakes, and pollutes the air and water supply, causing public health concerns
  • BBC2 Newsnight came to the Fylde in March 2012 and raised serious concerns about the lack of regulations. Mike Hill, RAFF’s Technical Advisor, is interviewed by journalist Susan Watts. An informative item, specific to the Fylde. You can watch it here 
  • A useful graphic that explains the problems associated with shale gas extraction is available here
  • The Co-operative is firmly against fracking and maintains an informative web site that tells you how you can get involved. Also offers lots of resources for downloading
  • A video from Environmental Consultant Paul Mobbs reveals the facts about hydraulic fracking in Britain
  • The Sky is Pink by film maker Josh Fox looks at many issues, including PR efforts to distract the public from the real threats that fracking poses to drinking water and health. You can watch it here.
  • Marcellus Shale Protest is an information clearing house about Marcellus Shale gas drilling and activism and related issues. It’s a US-based site, but many of the issues discussed are relevant to UK shale gas extraction.
  • One of thousands of articles, but a good one. All the deceptions and risks are outlined clearly in this item by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

When it comes to economic arguments, the following are useful links:

  • Deutsche Bank have been critical of the potential for shale gas in the EU to make a significant impact – on supply or gas prices: “Those waiting for a shale gas ‘revolution’ outside the US will likely be disappointed, in terms of both price and the speed at which high-volume production can be achieved…whilst we think that EU shale-gas deposits certainly have the potential to contribute meaningfully to indigenous production over the next 10-20 years, we do not expect the impact of shale-gas production on EU gas prices to be anywhere near as great as has been the case with US shale-gas production.” (Deutsche Bank, ‘A first look at EU shale gas prospects’ (October 2011): cited in The Guardian).
  • Estimates are that drilling costs will be two to three times higher here than in the USA, with costs for the water needed for fracking’ up to 10 times higher. The Economist.
  • “Unconventional supply in Europe is … expected to be high cost because of different geology to US (generally much deeper) and greater logistical difficulties in development.” Department of Environment & Climate Change
  • Across the EU, 50% more jobs in wind than gas according to Ernst & Young – ‘In Spain, the wind industry would create 15 jobs for each €1 million invested compared with seven jobs for natural gas, according to the preliminary figures from Ernst & Young. Across the European Union, the figures were 21 jobs for the industry and about 15 jobs for natural gas for each €1 million invested, Ernst & Young said.

Other UK anti-fracking groups

New groups are springing up all the time. Find a group near you and get involved. All groups are looking for volunteers to deliver leaflets, raise awareness, fund raise, etc. If there isn’t a group in your area, then why not start one? Get in touch with us and we’ll help you get established.


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North West England


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Cheshire and North Wales:

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FOE (Lancashire)

Central Lancashire Friends of the Earth Website  Facebook Page
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Greater Manchester:

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North, North East and Yorkshire

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Tyne & Wear:

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Birmingham and Midlands

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London, East and South East

East Anglia:

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Underground Coal Gasification (UCG)

There are a few groups dedicated to fighting Underground Coal Gasification (UCG)

No UCG Warks  (Warwickshire) Facebook Page
Wirral Residents’ Underground Coal Gasification Awareness Facebook Page
Wirral & Cheshire Awareness Group on UCG, Fracking & CBM Facebook Group


Come and join us!

RAFF holds regular meetings to educate and update residents on the current situation and to spread the message. See our Events page for details.