Walk the No Fracking Way on 8th-12th March


The aim is to have a finish event at the PNR site around 3-4pm and then a gathering rally at Maple Farm ending around 5.00 pm

A band of Green Party members together with other anti-frackers will be walking some or all of  the 120 miles between the two approved Fracking sites in the North of England. The ‘No Fracking Way’!

nfw-screenshotStarting at Kirkby Misperton – the one Fracking Site approved in Yorkshire by the Conservative-Led North Yorkshire County Council – the No Fracking Way leads to the one approved Fracking site in Lancashire at Preston New Road, approved by the Conservative Government overruling the Local Planning Committee.

The walkers will carry soil from the Yorkshire site to the Lancashire site as a gesture of solidarity between the peoples of Yorkshire and Lancashire against Fracking.

Please join us – walk 120 yards or 120 miles to say No Fracking Way!

A Core Group of around 7  Green Party members will walk the whole route with many more encouraged to join us and attend rallies along the route. It will be difficult to accommodate and support many people along the full route which is why there’s a limit on the Core Group.

We shall be setting off from Kirby Misperton in North Yorkshire on Wednesday 8th of March and ending up at the Preston New Road site in Blackpool on Sunday the 12th of March.

Day 1 – Kirby Misperton to Easingwold

Day 2 – Easingwold to Harrogate

Day 3 – Harrogate to Silsden

Day 4 – Silsden to Longridge

Day 5 –  Longridge to Preston New Road/Blackpool

Total – 120 miles

The five day walk is to highlight the dangers of fracking to both our global and local environments. We will be drawing attention to the many alternatives to Fracking that can be used to provide a secure and sustainable energy future.

There will be car support available en route in case of emergencies and to carry small amounts of luggage e.g. sleeping bags

It will  be an average of 25 miles walking per day. Generally scenic/rural.    There is some off road walking on Day 3 and a long stretch of Lancaster canal on Day 5

There will be many opportunities for anti-frackers – Green Party members and others – to get involved over the 5 days. More details to follow!

A video is available providing further information.


PNR Solidarity Saturdays at Maple Farm

Now that Cuadrilla have invaded Preston New Road, people gather each day to delay their progress and receive huge support from passing motorists. Online too there is a wealth of support but not everyone can be at the demonstration each weekday 9am-3pm; so on Saturdays we are hosting get-togethers just down the road at Maple Farm (next door to World of Water Blackpool.)

Ths is an opportunity for passers-by, drivers who honk support, visitors, residents, Protectors and others to get together after the long week, enjoy refreshments from the Nanas and chat as a community about what we do to ensure we stop this site from ever reaching the fracking stage.

There will also be Frack Free Lancashire merchandise for sale, information sheets and plenty of people who can answer questions.

You can park either at Maple Farm or at the rear of World of Water. If travelling by train get off at Kirkham and get the 61 bus just outside the station – there’s a bus stop very close to Maple Farm on Preston New Road. If travelling by bus from Blackpool or Preston, you need to catch the number 61 and get off at Maple Farm.

We do hope you can join us – the first few have been very popular.

Preston New Road Rolling Roadside Protest

As you are aware Cuadrilla has started construction work at the Preston New Road site.

We currently have a presence at the site between 9.00 am and 3.30 pm each weekday and 9.00 am. We will only engage in peaceful and legal actions.

This is going to be a lengthy campaign and we need boots on the ground. Please do come along and give your support even if it’s just for half an hour. A Facebook page has been created to keep you up-to-date with events.

The number 61 bus from Preston/Blackpool travels along Preston New Road. The bus stops near Maple Farm- marked bus on right of map. Walk towards Ma Bakers Cafe/Waterworld –  it’s only a short walk to the site from there. If you’re coming by car (PR4 3PE) you should be able to park at Maple Farm or Waterworld/Ma Baker’s. Please remember that these are business; please treat them with consideration and respect. Please also note that parking is not allowed anywhere on Preston New Road.

If coming by train you need to get off at Kirkham. The Blackpool South and most of the Blackpool North trains (check before boarding) from Preston stop at Kirkham. From Blackpool all trains to Preston stop at Kirkham. From Kirkham Station catch the 61 bus (Blackpool) and follow the instructions above.



Scroll down the posts below to see a day-by-day account of activity at the site, compiled by Tina Rothery.

Invite to all Anti-fracking campaigners! Earth First! Winter Moot! Manchester – 24-27 Feb 2017

Calling All Anti-Frackers!

This year’s Earth First Winter Moot has a fracking theme. The Moot will be in Manchester from the evening of Fri 24th until Sun 26th Feb and is a chance for ecological campaign groups to network, reflect, organise & socialise. This year there will be a nation-wide and international campaign roundup, workshops on organising securely, facilitation skills, avoiding burnout, direct action and more as well as discussions, networking sessions and organising space for the anti-fracking movement.

Part of an anti-fracking group? The Moot is a great opportunity to meet like-minded people from other groups and form connections with other campaigns fighting the good fight up and down these islands and beyond.

Where & When is It?

* VENUE: Bridge 5 Mill, 22A Beswick St, Manchester M4 7HR – see for directions
* Time: Arrive from 6pm Fri (24th) for evening meal, leaving 4pm Sun
* What to Bring (if staying over): Bring sleeping bag+mat, camp beds for those less able to sleep on floors
* Cost: £25/£30 including meals and venue/sleeping space
* Full programme will be available on website soon:

Contribute to the Campaigns Round-up – Sat 2pm

There will be a campaigns round-up on Saturday from 14:00-16:00, the slots up to 5 minutes each (depending on numbers) so that all groups keen to participate can be accommodated. Send no more than a handful of images that you’d like to support your session – they’ll be projected during the round-up. Please come well prepared for the round-up :) and consider thinking about including the following:

* The current status of your campaign
* What is coming up in your campaign? e.g. dates of events etc.
* Recent significant events/victories/needs etc.

Participate in the Networking Session – Sunday 1.30pm

As well as the campaign round-up there will be a campaigns networking/organising session on 13:30-16:30 Sunday. This is an opportunity for all attending anti-fracking groups and those looking to get involved to get together. This session will have a flexible structure, to allow groups to share ideas, information and dates, and explore how they can collaborate and support each other.

Help Publicise the Event
* Share this email with your networks
* Share the attached flyer
* Share this link on facebook:
* Share this tweet:

Web: Facebook: Frack Off (UK) Twitter: frack_off

Do you want to hold an event?

RAFF has spoken at lots of events throughout the UK, including the House of Lords. We’ve also organised many public meetings for residents around Lancashire and have worked with Frack Off and Friends of the Earth in setting up local groups. We have over four years of experience in fighting fracking and are happy to share this experience, wherever you are based.

If you would like RAFF to host a public information meeting in your community, please get in touch