Another Award for RAFF!

Just days after RAFF won the Friends of the Earth award for ‘Campaign of the Year’   we have also just won a financial award from the Edge Fund!

Edge Fund was initiated by a small group of philanthropists and activists in early 2012 who wanted to explore how funds could be distributed in a way that both devolves the power of donors and creates real and systemic social change. It supports grassroots groups working for justice and equality, and gives them a say in where the money goes.

Applying for funding was a lengthy process and, although we all contributed in some small way, we are indebted to Bob for his diligence and patience in dealing with the application process. We would also like to thank the Edge Fund for their confidence in us as a small group that is already making a big difference.

The £1,500 award will enable us to hold more public meetings, help with printing costs, etc.

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