Farmers warned not to allow fracking on their land

The Farmers Guardian recently included a leaflet as an insert in the paper which goes out to their 20,500 subscription readers. This action went on to generate interest from the online publication National Farmer.  The National Farmer has subsequently done a news editorial piece based on it, and they are now sending the  leaflet out as an email to their 54,000 readers.  This will include a hyperlink to the Frack Off website and it has a couple of films imbedded in it too.  Apparently they have a click rate of at least 40,000 which means that it will get extensive coverage.






The farmers are a powerful force in the fight against fracking. Please do alert any farmers you know to this leaflet.

Meanwhile, there has been lots of discussion on social media about insurance for farmers. The Farmers Guardian has recently carried an item about insurance on its web site, where NFU Mutual clarified its position. It said “a farm not involved in fracking but which suffered damage as a result of the process, for example shale gas extraction on a neighbouring property caused building subsidence, would be covered. So too would other rural properties in the area who insured with it.

“However, any farmer who had chosen to make a commercial decision to be involved in fracking would not be covered for damage incurred as a result of the process.”

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