Frack Free United launches to put fracking on the election agenda

Frack Free United, a new lobby group against the fracking industry, is being launched today (13 February 2017) and looks set to be a major player in the run up to County Council elections in May 2017.

Frack Free United is encouraging the public to visit our website to find out where the candidates seeking to represent them stand on fracking.

Our mission
To put Fracking on the election agenda and encourage debate on the issue in the corridors of power.

Frack Free United will encourage candidates to make their position on fracking clear by signing our Fracking Pledge.

We need to let the policy makers know we are all watching the actions of our politicians and how they respond to fracking at all levels of government.

As a grass roots election campaign from across the 14 counties affected by fracking, we are asking candidates of all parties to publicly oppose fracking in our communities and across the UK.

The FFU website says:

Communities across the country can stand up and vote for a frack free future. 2017 is the first opportunity to have your say. Thursday 4th May is the date of the local government elections in England, Wales and Scotland, including combined local authority and mayoral elections. The majority of areas under threat from fracking going to the polls in May, and it is clear that to stop fracking we have to change the minds of those in power, or change the people who make the decisions. This is your chance to do so.

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