Fracking to go ahead at Preston New Road: Roseacre dismissed pending further information on traffic

Preston New Road has been overturned for both monitoring and exploration; Roseacre has been refused for exploratory development but not for monitoring. However, the Secretary of State is reserving himself on the entire judgement for Roseacre pending further information from Cuadrilla on highways

RAFF’s response to today’s announcement – Disgust

We offer our heartfelt sympathies to the residents of Fylde, especially to those people living close to the Preston New Road and Roseacre Wood communities. They have suffered months of mental and physical stresses, which have impacted on their health and well being. They have also incurred considerable financial strain. What was once a rural community will now become an industrialised zones.

While we are delighted to hear that fracking may not go ahead at Roseacre we are very disappointed that it will now go ahead at PNR, despite the overwhelming evidence of harm. Rosecare is not out of the woods. The Secretary of State is reserving himself on an entire judgement for RAG pending further information from Cuadrilla on highways. Disgracefully, this decision rests on the effects of traffic and not on those of health and the environment.

We will continue to fight this dirty, unwanted and unneeded industry. There were over 18,000 objections and only 200 in support. More and more communities are speaking out up and down the country, and there are now more than 500 community groups opposed to fracking, with more being set up every week. Together we need to stop this industry getting a foothold if we are to ensure the long-term future of our planet.

Overall we are disgusted at Sajid Javid’s decision:

Disgusted that the democratic process has been over-ruled. Despite posturing about localism, the government has ridden rough shod over our local parish, borough and county councils who all said NO to fracking at both sites.

Disgusted that permission has been granted for a green field site that is highly unsuitable. This decision will give the green light for the shale gas industry to take off. For fracking to be economically viable, hundreds of pads and thousands of wells will need to be established, many of them in the North of England.

Disgusted that the government has ignored the hundreds of academic, peer reviewed research papers from the likes of DEFRA, MEDACT, NY Health Professionals, all of which prove that fracking is bad for public health.

Disgusted that the government is locking us into a twentieth century fossil fuel programme when we should be keeping fossil fuels in the ground and investing in green energy.

Disgusted that in her maiden speech Theresa May said: “We will do everything we can to give you more control over your lives. When we take the big calls, we’ll think not of the powerful, but you.” No PM you are helping the powerful here – the energy companies, not the residents. You have taken control away from us and our councils and given it to big business.

Disgusted that David Cameron signed us up to the Paris agreement, saying, “We should be taking action against climate change today” but the government is happy to give permission for a new fossil fuel industry to go ahead. How does that work? Shale gas extraction releases methane, a far more potent greenhouse gas than carbon.

Disgusted that despite there being no social licence for fracking to go ahead in the Fylde, the government has said yes. The people have spoken and they said No.

Disgusted that Fylde residents are being used as guinea pigs for the rest of the country.

Disgusted that huge subsidies are given out to the shale gas industry while those given to renewables have been cut time and again.

Disgusted that Sajid Javid hasn’t even had the decency to visit either of the two sites to discover for himself just how unsuitable these two rural locations are.

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