Please tell Government what you think about the proposed change to trespass laws

As the current law on trespass stands, as a home owner you own the land beneath your house right down to the middle of the earth. Currently, any drilling company looking to drill horizontal boreholes have to seek permission/pay compensation to all landowners they drill under. The Government plans to change this law to allow fracking companies to drill under your home and land without your permission. This ancient law is being changed entirely for the benefit of the drilling companies .

The Government has issued a consultation on its plans to change this law and is seeking feedback from the public.  Please do fill in the Online Survey and tell your family, friends, colleagues, etc to do the same.

Greenpeace mounted a legal challenge to the proposed change in trespass law last October, via it’s ‘Not For Shale Campaign’. It has collected thousands and thousands of signatures  from residents explicitly declaring they do not give that permission. The campaign is still active, so if you haven’t already signed up to it, please do so here.

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