Preston New Road super pad will probably be largest in the world with 40-60 wells

Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 11.48.33


This picture is captured from drone footage of the Preston New Road site at the end of last week – 10 March 2017 (that’s the A583 Preston New Road running from the left). Facebook users can see the video of the drone footage which shows the site from several different angles. Click here.

Cuadrilla’s CEO Francis Egan is fond of telling residents and the media that the pad will be the size of a rugby pitch and that it will be home to four wells. Some rugby pitch! This is a super pad. What’s more we have been told by an independent oil and gas engineer that this will probably be the largest super pad in the WORLD and that Cuadrilla will more than likely drill between 40-60 wells on it. Start to multiple this up – according to the operators 100 more super pads are needed in the Fylde and the rest of Lancashire – and this gives you some some idea why Egan said that our area will be the “largest gas field in Western Europe.”

As we’ve stated many times before rural Fylde is about to be converted into an industrialised zone with all the pollution and risks to public health associated with an unregulated filthy industry.




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