RAFF statement

RAFF has come under attack recently, a sustained and vicious attack directed at RAFF members personally. We have been attacked before, notably by a couple of local Councillors and various supporters of the fracking industry, but this assault is particularly nasty as it is coming from people who are supposed to be on the same side as us fighting the industry. It is blatantly obvious that these detractors have forgotten who the enemy is.

We are being accused of various things but one topic that has generated some really malicious outpourings is the liaison work that RAFF has done with Lancashire Police. We are being abused on the baseless, false assertion that we negotiated the 15 minute slow walk at Preston New Road that held for the first two or three weeks of activity at the site. We played no part in that. By the time we got to the site on the first occasion that 15 minute slow walk was already in place.

We have also been accused of not welcoming protectors from outside of the area. Again this is untrue and RAFF welcomes all protectors and their legal peaceful actions.

RAFF would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have sent messages of support. We hope this divisive behavior by a tinyl minority will end now, so that the anti-fracking community can be seen to be presenting a united front.

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