Minor earthquake activity detected in Lancashire as Cuadrilla begin fracking once again

19 OCTOBER 2018


Frack Free Lancashire are deeply concerned to note that shortly after fracking commenced again on the Fylde, there has been an almost immediate recurrence of seismic activity recorded by the British Geological Survey. [1]

The tremors are clustered near Penny Farm, west of the fracturing site, and near where Cuadrilla have indicated that their well terminates. There have only been two other quakes in the vicinity of the site since 51 tremors, including two significant quakes, which led to fracking being stopped in the UK for 7 years.

The three quakes yesterday were stronger than many of the tremors recorded at Preese Hall in 2011. It is too early to say with any certainty whether this activity is a result of fracking or whether we can expect further stronger quakes.

Today, David Smythe, Emeritus Professor of Geophysics, University of Glasgow stated:

“Recent research [2] by Stanford University shows that these tiny tremors can be indicators of bigger quakes to follow – like canaries in a coal-mine. The problem for Cuadrilla is that if it carries on regardless, bigger earthquakes may well be triggered. To quote Cole Porter; “There may be trouble ahead”. Cuadrilla’s only safe option is to cease fracking.”

A spokesperson from Frack Free Lancashire stated:

“We will continue to monitor these events closely. Considering the relevant past history with the Fylde Coast’s geology and having two significant seismic events which effectively shut down the fracking industry, all eyes are currently on Cuadrilla. These events may be dismissed as being minor and “can’t be felt” but what occurs under the earth is beyond anyone’s control.”



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  3. Professor Smythe is available for interviews. Please contact Claire Stephenson for information.
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